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The God of Time has gone mad and the world is in danger ! Play as Tem, a Time Guardian, and use his powers to get through many trials and ennemies ! The journey begins in a little city built verticaly around the Temple of Time, where the God of Time is hidden.

The game is a platformer game with mutiple paths and puzzles. Explore a mysterious and magic world inspired by The Thousand and One Nights stories ! 

  • 2 levels with their own gameplay !
  • 4 differents time abilities to defeat many type of ennemies !
  • Explore possible paths and resolve the puzzle to enter the temple of Time !

  • move - ZQSD to move around, SHIFT to sprint, SPACE to jump, CTRL to crouch, A to dash
  • powers - F to use the chrono shoot (a projectile that temporarly freeze an ennemy), G to trigger the time warp (generate an area that freeze time), R in the air to use the shift shock (a groundpound that permanently kill little golems)

Game artists : Alexane CLODOT, Carole CHHEANG, Fabien DELPHIN, Thomas MANUEL, Léopold GALLET

Developers : Lucas TRIPIER, Nicolas LEQUIN

Music/Sound designers : Lucie HAUSER, Guerlain DESCAMPS, Kyrian PLAT, Coralie MOALIC, Michael RUIZ

This game is a school project created at Paris YNOV Campus (Nanterre, France).




Tem -Windows

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